Samroiyod would like to be a part of building a livable society. 

“We acknowledge that the responsibility towards society, environment and humans are parts of a sustainable development.”

Therefore, societal activities in various aspects have been continually conducted to respond to our vision of being a responsible corporate in Thailand. 

From the past until today, Samroiyod has cooperated with our employees to support good causes to help build more livable societies with various activities and projects so everyone can contribute with their good deeds for the whole and to develop our societies into more livable places. 


We always believe that our business can do good things for the communities around us. We believe in being a part of the communities we rely on, in connecting people in the communities to be inspired to become part of the change, and in developing better qualities of lives for communities which are principles we adhere to as neighbors of the communities. These visions have their roots in the belief that all kinds of business can support the development of communities for sustainable growth together. 


Our success is a result connected to the hundreds of successes of farmers. Samroiyod is one of Thai corporations that develops and uses ethical guidelines to be part of raw material trading where our corporation buys raw materials at ethical prices which is one way to show corporate social responsibility. Our aim is that the ingredients we use will be grown with the highest quality, traded fairly and ethically, and grown responsibly. We believe that one piece of product will have much more value if we help build good futures for the farmers. 


 We have the mission together with our employees and communities. We believe in protecting the world, as well as working with people to protect the environment and the world together. As a company that relies on agricultural products, environmental protection is very appropriate for our corporation and as a population of the world, environmental protection is what we should do.