Samroiyod Corporation Ltd. has been established since 1978, we are Thailand’s leading manufacturer and exporter of tropical fruits. We are proud to present our wide range of quality fruit products which include dehydrated fruits, canned fruits, frozen fruits, pineapple juice concentrate and many quality products. Today, Samroiyod’s products have been well known to the world in quality and excellent flavors. We have the advantage of full production control at our own plantation, which ensures quality supplies of fruit all year round. We have selected the best ingredients from plantations including pineapple, guava, cantaloupe, papaya, jackfruit, coconut, banana, ginger and aloe vera in various forms depending on our customer requirements. We are specialized in using modern technology to aid our quality control in every production process, so you, as customers, can be confident that our products are of quality and are globally certified in standards.